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How Do I Restore My Nashville Home After A Flood?

A flood in your Nashville home can be caused by a natural disaster, pipe breaking, sewer backlog, or a defective pipeline. This can create many issues – even if it’s a small flood. It will affect flooring and walls, damage textiles and furniture, and even compromise the structure itself. 

The recovery process can be daunting, with so much to consider. It is important to engage the services of a general contractor like Ascension General Contractors because it is the best way to get the job done. A professional full-service repair company will have all the skills needed to handle the different aspects of flood recovery. 


  • Restricting the source. The crucial first step is to locate where the water is coming from and stop your Nashville home flood. For example, if it is an appliance malfunctioning you can turn it off and unplug. Only do this if you can do so safely. (Be sure to avoid walking in standing water while trying to handle electricity.)
  • Document everything. You will need pictures or videos of the damage to turn in to your insurance representative before anyone does recovery. A written list of affected items. This may include artwork, furniture, rugs, etc. Your insurance company will ask for it during the claims process, so getting a head start will help the process go quicker. 


The Ascension General Contractor Restoration Process looks like this:

  • The Restoration Process starts with a phone call from a customer needing assistance with repairs to their property.
  • One of our Project Managers will respond. Then will schedule an initial meeting with the customer to assess the scope of the restoration project. They can also provide sample copies of our Contract Documents at the customer’s request and explain the process. These documents will include a copy of our “Pre-Construction” checklist and a letter outlining our process
  • If an estimate is not available from your Adjuster, a Project Manager will visit and complete a sketch of the property. They will then document the needed repairs with photographs and notes. They will also review our process with the customer; discuss the scope of work; and answer any questions the customer may have.
  • Back at the office, our Project Manager will either review or create a preliminary estimate and identify all items that need customer input. This includes things such as color and material selections.
  • The required Documents will send over to the customer for review and approval. This primarily happens by email. However, we can also schedule a meeting to review the documents with the customer before signing.

What Happens During Construction?

  • Before commencing construction, the “Pre-Construction Checklist” is reviewed. This provides the customer with a list of actions they will need to complete. This is including the date by which they are needed. This would include any selections they have not yet completed. It may also include approvals from their Homeowners Association and Mortgage Company.
  • During construction, we will provide weekly updates on the status of the project. We may also schedule progress inspections at various stages of construction with the customer if needed. The customer may be asked to sign a Change Order if changes are required.
  • As the construction phase comes to a close, a Quality Control Inspection will be completed by the assigned contractor. If needed, we can schedule a walk-through with the customer. Here we will present the completed project and answer any questions they may have.
  •  After the customer has signed our Affidavit of Completion indicating acceptance of the work performed, we will ask them to fill out a Customer Satisfaction survey.

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If you have experienced flooding in your Nashville home, Ascension General Contractors is committed to getting you back to normal as soon as possible. We are a full-service repair company and we streamline your process to minimize downtime. The AGC team is experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded. 

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