How Do I Protect My Home Renovation Project From Winter Weather?

How Do I Protect My Home From Winter Weather During Renovation?

Are you having your Nashville home renovated during the winter months? 

For many renovation projects, that’s the perfect time of year to complete them. Rain, sleet, and snow can damage your home, so you’ll want to take precautions to protect your home and your renovation project from the ravages of a Middle Tennessee winter!

Keep reading for some winter weather protection tips.

What Can I Do To Avoid Winter Weather Damage To My Nashville Home During Renovation?

  • You will have a constant stream of renovation experts who must travel across your delicate carpets, polished parquet, and shiny floors. Ensure your general contractor is proactive and thorough to prevent scuffing and permanent damage and minimize the dirt and mud they’ll track in. Sweeping, vacuuming, and laying down physical floor protection coverings ideal for any surface – including tile, linoleum, concrete, wood, and concrete – will go a long way towards keeping your home protected. Threshold covers and ramps in front of every doorway will guard against rolling equipment. 
  • No renovation is complete without sanding, sawing, drilling, and polishing. All these activities, along with constant movement, send plumes of dust into the air and potentially throughout your home. During the winter, doors and windows will need to remain closed; this can mean your family will be exposed to drywall silica, lead from old paint, or other pollutants from toxic chemicals, insects, and other hazards. Ensure your contractor takes every precaution to minimize dust, debris, and potential damage proactively. Discuss the best approach with your contractor before work ever starts.
  • Good air circulation makes your home comfortable under normal conditions but compounds the dust problem during a renovation in the winter. The simplest and best way to minimize the spread of dust and debris throughout a project is to keep windows open if possible and shut down the heating in work areas. Frequently cleaning air filters is highly advisable. Commercially available air purifiers and blowers are also sometimes used. Talk to your contractor about their approach and strategize together the best way to reduce and control air pollution. Close off all work areas, limit movement throughout your home, and clearly designate traffic lanes to ensure non-project rooms and spaces get minimal exposure.

What Makes AGC The Best Choice For Home Renovations?

We are proud to have served the Nashville community for over ten years. Choose us for your Nashville home renovation project!

  • We pride ourselves on our work’s quality and communication through your claim, repair, or remodel process. When it comes to your home, you need to work with a team of experienced professionals you can trust! 
  • Whether your project entails a complete remodel or repairs to your family home, Ascension General Contractors is known for our ability to align with the needs of your project quickly to keep it running smoothly and on time. 
  • Our team can guide you through your residential and commercial improvements to make educated decisions that best fit your needs.

Our team here at Ascension General Contractors cares about keeping your Nashville home safe during renovations and repairs any time of the year. If you experience damage, you can count on us to take care of it. We are a full-service repair company

We’re an excellent choice for your renovation and repairs because we have an exceptional staff. The AGC team members are:

  • Experienced
  • Dependable
  • Licensed
  • Insured  
  • Fully bonded 

We are specialists in renovations and repairs with clear communication from start to finish. Learn more about our projects here. Contact us online or by phone at (615) 802 9063 to discuss your renovation and repair needs.

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