How Do I Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom When Remodeling?

Are you planning to remodel the bathroom of your Nashville home? There are a million unique design ideas out there for you to choose from. You may be environmentally conscious, so let’s go over some ways you can create an eco-friendly bathroom when doing a remodeling project in your home. 

What Are Some Inspiring Ways I Can Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom?

Here are some ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly:

  • An eco-friendly bathroom starts with its bones (flooring, paint, fixtures, etc.). Start at the beginning and work through the design process making conscious choices at every stage by choosing recycled tile, zero-VOC paint, and reclaimed materials.
  • There are many ways to give your bathroom character and a reduced footpring. You may want to install an antique clawfoot tub, create a reclaimed wood feature wall,or incorporate vintage lighting. You can refinish and paint many reclaimed items so they look like new if you want a fresh look. 
  • Consider adding a bathroom skylight to allow the sun to provide natural light during the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Install energy-efficient lighting and use LED lightbulbs wherever you can throughout your Nashville home.
  • A low-flow showerhead and water-saving faucet are vital for conserving water. If your fixtures are older, you can install aerators to control the amount you use.

What Are Some Other Ways I Can Be More Eco-Friendly In My Home?

Here are just a few of the ways your green remodeling project can help improve the environment:

  • Energy-efficient appliances are a great place to start when exploring green remodeling.
  • Make smart design choices in every aspect of your remodel – from the size of the space and the direction your windows face to the exterior color of your home and the landscaping you choose.
  • Your remodel project may uncover hazardous materials, like asbestos, items that contain lead or mercury – as in fluorescent light bulbs and batteries, appliances, electronics, paint, and pesticides. Be sure to manage these types of hazardous wastes properly; they are essential in protecting public health and the environment and are required by law.

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