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How Can I Prevent Fire Damage To My Nashville Home This Winter?

With winter coming, you might be thinking about ways to prevent fire damage in your Nashville home, and you would be right to do so. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), heating is one of the top five causes of home fires and fire casualties, so being prepared ahead of the cold winter weather is a good idea.

Important Tips To Prevent Fire While Heating Your Nashville Home This Winter

  • Everyone loves a fragrant candle or a warm fire in the fireplace. It can be tempting to light a candle or a fire and leave it to burn for an extended period for scent or ambiance and warmth, but you have to remember to extinguish either one when you leave the room. A spark or a falling piece of burning wood onto flammable material can start a house fire in a matter of seconds.
  • Space heaters can be an energy-efficient way to heat your home during cold snaps. They can also be dangerous. Always use your space heater according to the directions, purchase a secure version (do your research), and use it sparingly. 

What Are Some Other Common Fire-Related Risks I Should Know About For My Nashville House?

Remember that we mentioned heating as one of the top five fire dangers? The other four are cooking, electrical distribution and lighting equipment, intentional fire-setting, and smoking materials. 

  • Never leave food unattended while you are cooking. If a stovetop fire does occur, make sure you know the proper procedure to put the fire out; for example, using water on a grease fire will cause the flames to explode across the area, creating an even more dangerous situation. 
  • Be mindful of your electrical and extension cords; plugging too many items in one outlet can overload the circuitry; using damaged cables is also hazardous. Extension cords should be carrying the appropriate electrical load, as well. If you are not sure what the proper load should be, check the documentation that comes with your equipment; this information is always included with your purchase. Some extension cords are made specifically for outdoors, so be sure you purchase the right kind. 
  • If you must smoke, stay away from flammable materials. It is wise to only smoke out of doors for this reason. It’s also hazardous to smoke when you’re sleepy; falling asleep at that point could lead to tragic circumstances. 

We hope these tips help you prevent fire damage to your home, but if the worst happens, Ascension General Contractors is here to help. We are proud to serve the Nashville community as a full-service general contracting company with extensive experience in residential and commercial property repair and renovation. 

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