How Can I Enjoy My Outdoor Spaces Throughout The Nashville Winter Season?

Enjoying the outdoor spaces of your Nashville home is one of the great pleasures of the warmer months, but don’t forget that your yard can be a pleasure year-round, too! With some planning and creativity, you can turn your Nashville yard into a winter wonderland!

Keep reading for some exciting ways to make that happen.

What Are Some Creative Backyard Design Tips For The Winter Months?

We get some snow here in Nashville, and ice can often be a challenge, too; rain, wind, and overcast skies can make for gloomy days during the winter months. Here are some ways to make your Nashville outdoor space a cheery haven!

  • Feed The Birds. A flock of feathered friends can instantly add some beauty to your winter landscape. Hang bird feeders with food specifically for winter birds, like suet. Birds bring life, color, and movement to your yard, and all you have to do is provide simple sustenance. 
  • Bring The Heat. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are terrific during the summer, but their heat will feel even better during the winter. They’re perfect in cooler temperatures, and you may be surprised by how much heat an outdoor fireplace provides. Decorative and themed chimneys can be chosen to give your outdoor fireplace a unique look.
  • Lounging Around. Create a cozy outdoor lounge for relaxation and reflection during the winter months. You can give it a permanent cover or one that can be retracted when the sun comes out, and adding thick curtains can give you a home away from home right in your backyard! Complete your lounge area with comfy, versatile furniture, blankets, and a standing heat lamp for the ultimate winter luxury. 
  • That Hot Tub. You’ve been talking about installing a hot tub for ages; now’s the time to get it done. It can be placed near an entrance to your home, next to your outdoor lounge, or surrounded by privacy fencing and decking for comfort and convenience. 

How Do I Contact Ascension General Contractors To Get My Outdoor Space Renovation Started? 

Our team here at Ascension General Contractors is experienced, dependable, licensed, insured, and fully bonded. Call us about your Nashville backyard renovation today at (615) 802 9057 or visit us online

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