As the owner of a hotel, you know that keeping your property up-to-date, attractive, and in good repair is vital to ensuring that your business is successful. With this in mind, you may be thinking about some hotel renovations this year, so here are some things to think about when you are considering commercial renovation projects for your hotel property. 


Energy Efficiency

Installing energy-efficient appliances and features will save you money, which will allow you to use that money on other upgrades and amenities. Running an environmentally friendly establishment is something guests will find attractive, and it will be an effective marketing tool. 


Face Value

Is your facade dirty, run-down, or outdated? The trend right now is mid-century, so if you are lucky enough to have a hotel with that vibe, make the most of it! Step back and take a good look at your hotel facade; would you want to stay here? Does it inspire confidence and a sense of relaxation? Paint, trendy additions, fresh landscaping, signage that is in perfect condition – all these things will give your guests the best first impression possible.  


Lobby Time

Your lobby and waiting area should be fresh and open, welcoming everyone to come in and stay awhile. Do some research and choose colors and patterns that are on-trend, which will tell your guests that you are someone who pays attention to detail. People are visiting Nashville because they want to enjoy its atmosphere, so make sure you include some Music City touches. 


Down The Hall

Redo flooring and make sure hallways are well-lit and feel safe; this will make your guests feel welcome. Artwork that fits your hotel theme is a great addition to hallways, as well. You may want to consider local artists for an authentic feel. 


Flooring and More

Carpets are less desirable these days, as they are not considered sanitary, so wood or other natural flooring choices may make more sense here. Modular furniture and space-saving creations are very popular today, too, helping your staff keep things clean by being able to reach all those nooks and crannies, while also allowing guests to make better use of their room accommodations by being able to move things to suit them. 

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