hotel renovations

Hotel Renovations To Consider

The hotel competition is fierce in Nashville, and you want your business to stand out from the crowd. It may mean that it’s time for hotel renovations, and if so, here at Ascension General Contractors, we have some thoughts for you. Here are some things to think about when you are considering hotel renovations for your property:


Get Creative

Your lobby, entryways, and waiting area should be fresh and open. Choose colors, fabrics, materials, and patterns that are up to date and unique to your location so that you can avoid that cookie-cutter hotel chain vibe. 


Community Areas

You may want to consider adding an area that is designated for showcasing artwork from local artists and craftspeople, or perhaps adding a stage so that local musicians can come in and entertain your guests; this is Music City, after all. Or what about a smoking room for cigar aficionados (as well as a way to keep the aficionados separate from those who are not!), or perhaps a reading room or library; you know your clientele best. Do you see a lot of families? Maybe a really awesome playroom would be a smart addition!


Replace Flooring

Replace flooring and make sure hallways are well-lit and feel welcoming and safe; your guests should enjoy the trip to their room as much as they do the rest of the hotel. You can choose to add architectural “plusses,” such as recovered and re-used pieces from historic buildings for a great aesthetic addition to hallways and guest areas. 


Modular Furniture

Carpets are less desirable today – especially wall to wall versions – both for cleanliness reasons and for sanitary considerations. It makes housekeeping a lot easier, as well. Modular furniture and space-saving creations such as movable walls are very popular today, allowing guests to make better use of their room accommodations by being able to arrange the space to suit them as individuals. 


Energy-Efficient Appliances

Installing energy-efficient appliances and features will save you money, which could be better spent on upgrades to rooms or creating spaces for privacy or relaxation on your grounds. You can also promote your environmental mindset and that you are running an environmentally friendly establishment, which is a definite selling point. 


Ascension General Contractors is here to help you make all your hotel renovations happen. We are full-service repair specialists, and proud to serve the Nashville business community as general contractors.