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Home Renovations To Do Before Winter Hits

Many of us think of summer as the best time for renovations, but vacations and holidays can make it hard to get around to all of them. Now that summer is gone and autumn is upon us, we probably need to talk about the home renovations that should be done before wintertime. 

Home Renovations For Winter

  • Roofs. Your roof is always a top priority when it comes to home renovations, no matter the time of year. Take advantage of the temperate October weather to restore the integrity of your roof. You will be at risk from water damage if your roofing isn’t in great shape, and a roof renovation will help to mitigate the impact seasonal weather may have on your home and property. 
  • Electricity and Heating. As colder weather moves in, you will want to be well-prepared. Improving your heating systems will be an important part of any home renovations to be completed before winter sets in. 
  • Pool. This might not be the first thing you thought of, but remember that now summer is over, pool companies will have some time on their hands. You will be looking at lower prices and quicker turnarounds, and your pool renovation should go smoothly. 
  • Energy. The green trend is not just a fad. Energy-related home renovations lower home utility costs across the board. Many smaller projects can be completed by the homeowner with little cost or fuss, such as replacing a shower head or an old water heater. These kinds of home renovations will start paying for themselves right away, and some are eligible for federal tax credits:
  1. Energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights
  2. Insulation
  3. Solar water heaters
  4. Non-solar water heaters
  5. Biomass stoves
  6. Energy-efficient heating, ventilating, or cooling systems
  7. Geothermal heat pumps
  8. Wind turbines
  9. Solar energy systems

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