man at desk in his modern and functional home office


Home renovations today will often include a space that is a very recent addition for most people: the home office. Renovating this area of your home is becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects since working from home is ever more common now. With a flexible work schedule and no commute, working from the comfort of home is bringing many of us that work and life balance that is so desirable in modern life. If you work from home, even infrequently, you should consider this home renovation project!

If you don’t yet have a home office, take stock of your unused spaces around the house. An unfinished basement or attic could be perfect. You can divide these areas into two sections and have one for work and another for play.

Your home office should be a dedicated spot that will have minimal distractions, allowing for the focus that’s needed to complete your projects properly, and there are some design elements you can achieve during your home renovation that will help to achieve this type of atmosphere. Adding movable dividers will allow you to have full control of the use of the room at any given time.

  • Lighting. Using LED bulbs can make a big difference in your home office. They bring a modern look to your space, as well as providing a brighter atmosphere for you to work in.
  • Color. Home offices are often fairly small, so in that instance, you will want to avoid bold and bright colors, which can be overwhelming and distracting. Neutral here will be best, lending a calm and quiet vibe to your work environment.
  • Furniture. Think ergonomic here; perhaps it’s time for a standing desk? You will spend many hours here, so be kind to yourself and get the best that you can afford. There is a large variety of office furniture available today to choose from.
  • Flooring. Installing flooring that is easy to clean and allows for moving furniture with minimal fuss will allow you to have flexibility in your workspace, which can be important. When working on a larger project with many moving parts or elements, being able to rework the space to suit the needs of your business can be a big benefit in a home office.

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