closeup view of paintbrush painting wooden fence or deck


Now that spring weather is clearing away the colder months of winter, it’s time to get busy with home improvement projects. You can save both time and money by starting yours now, and prepare your home for summer. You will beat the crowds in line purchasing materials for their own projects, and while they are waiting, you can be playing. Contractors will also be swamped, so rates and waits will be higher and longer. Getting a head start will allow you to get competitive bids and to navigate the aisles of the home improvement centers with ease.

Here are some home renovation projects you can do now that will prepare you for summer:

WINTER LEFTOVERS. Repair the damage caused by winter weather so that you don’t end up with bigger problems later. Address a leaky roof or damaged siding by replacing what needs to be replaced. Clean all gutters and downspouts since they are bound to be full of debris. If they need to be replaced, now’s the time.

PAINTING. Paint your trim and siding now while it’s cool. This project can take a week or two when you factor in the scraping and sanding, and paint should really be applied in temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees. Waiting until summer may mean it will be just too hot.

INSULATION. Getting up in the attic to replace insulation during the hot months of summer will be miserable. Plus you may miss out on energy savings, as well, if you do it later in the year.

AIR CONDITIONING/COOLING. While you are sealing out the heat, make sure your HVAC is in prime condition, and check your ceiling fans, dehumidifiers and other cooling appliances at this time, too. Installing curtains, blinds, awnings, and other coverings now will be most welcome in July.

LANDSCAPING. Lawn and garden jobs are best done in the spring. Planting trees should be done while they are dormant since the roots are happier in cooler soil. Prune back trees and shrubs before they start sprouting new leaves, as well. This is also the perfect time to aerate your lawn and remove weeds. If you need to do irrigation work, this is the best time to get that done in preparation for summer.

OUTDOORS. Building a fence, upgrading or refinishing the pool, redoing the deck, or refreshing the play area – all these renovation projects are much more pleasant to do in spring. If you get them done now, you can enjoy them as soon as summer starts!

When you are thinking about home renovation projects that will help prepare you for summer, remember that the team at Ascension General Contractors is here to help!