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Getting Involved In The Remodel Process

Understanding a remodel process can be frustrating, taking way longer than the homeowner expected. One way to stay calm and cool is to be involved from start to finish.

Right from the start, know what you want. Do you want an architect or a designer, or do you already have a design in mind? Make sure it is in your budget and select a contractor that you have a good rapport with; you’ll be spending a lot of time together. When you meet with your contractor, listen to their suggestions concerning cost, materials, and using subcontractors. Give them time to create a construction schedule, and make sure you know what it is. Expect it to take time to get the necessary permits from government entities.

Build a good communication system with your contractor and his or her supervisor or designer, or anyone else that will be working on your project. Tour the house with all key players, and make sure you understand exactly what needs to be done. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Be proactive; help by removing personal belongings from the work area. If your kitchen is being remodeled, set up a mini kitchen in another part of the house. Make sure a portable toilet facility is available and oversee trash collection to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand. Be a part of the team by making room for large supplies such as roofing or new appliances when they are delivered. Plastic sheeting will seal off any demolition areas from the rest of the house. Make sure it remains airtight.

Be patient.

Tour the finished space with your contractor and go over any final details that need to be completed. Once these items have been completed as per your instructions, do a final inspection and check off all items. A good contractor will check back periodically to make sure everything is going well a few weeks and months after the remodel process.

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