fixing a bathroom leak

Fixing A Bathroom Leak

Finding, and fixing, a bathroom leak is a very helpful skill to have as a homeowner. Such leaks can happen quietly, over time, and they can also spring up with no warning. Being able to determine where the water is coming from is vital, of course, and then taking care of the leak before it damages parts of your home, is important, too.

Here are the steps involved in fixing a bathroom leak:

Inspect Your Bathroom

To find your bathroom leak, you will need to inspect your bathroom for evidence. Check areas around the tub, tub drain, tub overflow, shower door, and toilet. Inspect any drywall for water damage, as well, looking for buckling, discoloration, and unhealthy odors – which could mean mold has established itself in a damp area. 

If you find evidence of water damage, measure the distance from the water damage to the nearest plumbing fixture to determine the source of the leak.

Perform A Water-Leak Test

Perform a water-leak test in your shower with a handheld shower fixture by spraying water around the shower door; check for water leaking out of the shower or tub and onto the flooring. If you see an issue, you can solve this by attaching a snap-on door sweep to the vertical edge of the shower door to create a watertight seal in the event that leaking occurs. 

Replace Old Grout

If you find signs of water leaking from the base of either your tub or toilet, use a utility knife or grout saw to scratch out the old grout and caulk from the joint between the floor and the tub or toilet to prevent leaking around the base, and apply a bead of clear silicone caulk to the joint between the floor and the affected fixture.


In the event that you experience a large water event and the damage is beyond your ability to fix, don’t hesitate to call us here at Ascension General Contractors. We have the skills and experience needed to take care of any bathroom leak, large or small. We are also renovation experts, so if you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom space, or even adding another bathroom on to your home or business, we can help.