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Five Pre-Construction Tips

The entire construction process can be frustrating and difficult to manage, so it is crucial to get through all of the pre-construction planning stages correctly so your venture will continue to completion and give you the outcome you are looking for. 

Here are five, helpful pre-construction tips:

  1. Site control. The first major benchmark you will want to hit will be to gain complete site acquisition. The legal process that will define you as the site owner needs to be completed properly so that financing sources will be able to release the needed funds.
  2. Financing. If the financing is poor, your project will not be strong, so ensure that you have strong financing before your project even begins. Not all pre-construction phases will run in sequence so you will need to keep your financer up to date as things progress.  
  3. Third-party approvals. You can’t start without these. They should also be taken care of before the actual project begins. These will usually be gained by a general contractor or architect. Your project will be reviewed by Planning and Zoning, Health, and Building entities in your area. Once your project has been approved by these departments, construction may begin. 
  4. Equipment. Orders for necessary equipment should be placed months before the expected delivery date. Work with industry professionals to make sure you know what is needed, and when. A general contractor will be invaluable here since he or she will know the best companies and teams to work with, as well as where to find the best pricing. 
  5. Project management plan. To keep your project on track, you need a clear plan that everyone understands and can follow. Work with your general contractor to build a project management plan that covers all the stages of your project from beginning to end, and make sure to allow for surprises. You’ll have them. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have the expertise and the experience to ensure that your construction project is done right and on time. We understand the entire construction process and are happy to help you from the very beginning. If you need help with your pre-construction tasks and planning, call us today, and let’s set you up for success.