Commercial property devastated by major disaster

First Steps in Dealing with Commercial Disaster Repair

Middle Tennessee has found itself in the path of tornadoes and floods in the past, so a commercial property owner in this area needs to be prepared for disasters. No property is disaster-proof. Having a plan in place in the event that your property suffers from such an event will help your business get back to normal as soon as possible.  Below are some first steps you can take to be prepared for a disaster and the aftermath:

  • PEOPLE FIRST. Establish an emergency action plan that will enable your tenants and staff to vacate your property quickly and safely, and one that directs them to gather at a safe pre-determined location a safe distance from the building. Make sure all exits are clearly marked and remain unobstructed. Everyone in your business needs to know this plan and where all exits are located so that they can evacuate both themselves and clients as quickly as possible.
  • CONTACT INFORMATION. Ensure that all your employees and tenants keep you updated with current contact information. This will ensure that in the event of a disaster, everyone can be accounted for. The contacts for your security personnel, insurance agent, and property owners need to be current, too. Make sure your own is on file along with everyone involved.
  • IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS. If you store sensitive documents and materials on-site, store them in fire-proof cabinets or safes. Using a cloud service for your computer-based data will help save those pieces of information. For hard copies, a safety deposit box located at your bank or credit union can be a good place to store such information.
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS. Keep a digital record of all property so that when disaster hits, you have proof for your insurance agent to work with. Take pictures or film of your buildings, machinery, and furniture, etc.
  • PROPERTY REPAIR. Employing the right company to handle your repairs is extremely important. Hopefully you had someone in mind before the disaster hit. They should be bonded and insured and enjoy a solid reputation in the community for work well done. Make sure your insurance company can work with them and that there will be no restrictions involved. Remember to ask about warranties for your property.

The team at Ascension General Contractors is experienced in the area of commercial disaster repair. If the worst happens, call us at (615) 750 2345 for assistance.