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Final Steps in Completing Your Commercial Renovation Project

Your commercial renovation project is nearing completion. Here are a few final steps to consider:

  • Inspections. Once all the work is completed, make sure final inspections are scheduled. It is a good idea to attend these and to see that all work is signed off on appropriately.
  • Warranty. When you entered into your contract, you should have received a written copy of the warranty covering all the work that was to be done. Ensure that you understand what is covered by reading your warranty carefully and thoroughly. The process for filing a claim and the terms of coverage should be included here. In many cases, a warranty will consist of several layers of coverage, to include manufactured components such as windows, lighting, and plumbing fixtures and appliances, for example. It is critical that you understand your role when it comes to this warranty; in some cases, you may be required to register with a manufacturer to ensure that you are covered. Before you make your final payment, confirm that you have been provided with all product and warranty information.
  • Emergencies. Make sure you understand the process in the event of an emergency, such as crucial service areas like roofing, appliances, electrical, and HVAC, to name a few. Require your contractor to supply you with a list of emergency contacts for these and other important items.
  • File it. Your warranty is part of the price you paid for your commercial renovation project, and is every bit as important as the cabinets that were selected and installed, and maybe even more so! File your warranty in a fireproof place such as a safety deposit box or safe and create a cloud-based digital copy as well in case of a serious event.

When it comes to commercial renovation projects, you want an experienced and respected construction company on your team. Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have that experience and we have worked hard to earn the respect of our clients. Call us today and let’s talk about your renovation project. We can get it done together!