Solar panels

Eco-Friendly Renovations for Your Business

As a commercial property owner, you already have a list of renovation and upgrade projects that you will need to see completed over the coming years. To stay competitive, it’s always important to be aware of the trends and what customers are expecting when they are out looking for a space for their business or themselves. Concerns for the environment are at the top of everyone’s list these days, so planning eco-friendly renovations is a good business decision as well as an environmentally conscious and responsible one.

New, more eco-friendly materials and products are hitting the market these days, so while you are planning out your renovations you should have very little trouble in finding what you need to complete your eco-friendly projects.

Recycled materials. Timber, rock, and metal from demolitions or old construction can be used in your renovation. We are losing old growth forest at a rapid pace around the world, and using recycled timber will help to stem the tide of loss. Recycled materials have a unique patina gained over time and can bring beauty to your property in a way that brand new materials cannot.

Solar. Many commercial business owners are considering solar energy these days when remodeling or renovating. Solar energy can impact both your cooling and your heating costs and can often generate enough power for small items, such as fountains, etc.

Insulate. A well insulated building will use far less energy, which has a positive effect on the environment and your pocketbook.

Growing Things. Adding plants and trees that will provide your property with shade during the hotter months will lower your energy costs, while processing and removing CO2 from the air. A landscaping renovation can have an eco-friendly impact on your commercial property.

Innovative Solutions. Countertops made with paper (tree pulp from sustainably managed forests), bamboo plywood (which is a sustainable, rapidly growing wood that reaches maturity in four years or less),  biodegradable hemp and wool carpeting, and composite decking; all of these products are newer to the market and can be great choices as you plan your renovations.

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