easy apartment repairs

Easy Apartment Repairs

Apartment units see a lot of traffic over time. Damages can happen easily, and it only takes a few to make your apartment look pretty bad. Whether you are an apartment dweller or the owner of a complex, we hope you will appreciate some tips today on some easy apartment repairs so that your apartment can look its best. 

Here are some easy apartment repairs:



Let’s be honest; the walls in many apartments aren’t as thick as we would like. All it takes is one false move with a chair and you have a hole in the wall. Repairing this kind of damage will give your room or hallway a fresh new look. If it’s a small hole, it won’t take long to get the job done, but remember that Ascension General Contractors is here for the bigger issues.



Some leaks are small and can be easily fixed with a kit you can find at a home improvement store, complete with instructions. Faucets are the worst offenders, but fortunately, they are not complicated to repair. 



Cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms get scratched up over time, but these can be easily repaired by a coat of paint or two. Some wood spackle can fill in any holes before you start, and your cabinets can look as good as new. If the hinges are loose or need to be replaced, this is another repair project that is not a big deal. 



This isn’t really a repair, but it will certainly help you. Ceiling fans will often start making annoying noises as they are used, but did you know that many times it is simply due to dust? The dust causes the blades to be off-balance, and that will cause the squeaks and grinding noises. You also may need to apply some lubricating oil at times. If you need your ceiling fans replaced, we are here to help. 



For the bigger apartment repair projects, you can always call us here at Ascension General Contractors to get the job done right. We are a full-service general contractor company, and we have all the skills needed to tackle your apartment repairs, whether it is for one unit or the entire complex.