calculator, silver pen, and budget sheet for commercial renovation project

Determining a Budget for Your Commercial Renovation Project

Establishing a realistic budget is the essential first step for any business owner to take towards making sure they don’t overspend when undertaking any commercial renovation project. Budgeting is, of course, restrictive, but that is one of its biggest benefits – saving money.

Repairing the seating in your restaurant or nightclub, for example, won’t merely involve setting aside a certain amount of money. It will also require careful planning and monitoring. Your commercial contractor should be able to show you how much of a change that amount of money can give you when it comes to any redesign. Creating a simple budget plan will be essential in keeping a close eye on spending and the handling of any emerging expenses.

Here are a few steps that can assist in determining a realistic budget for your commercial renovation:

  • Financial Forecast. Forecast a few months ahead, making sure that any set-aside amounts are going to be adequate to cover the whole renovation process. Gather all pay slips, bank account information, average monthly bills, and the totals of actual funds you may have invested in other projects.
  • Gross Income. Estimate all the income earned, to include salary, bonuses, and interest received. This should also take into account grants and all other financial sources.
  • Expenses. Determine all fixed expenses as well as discretionary money that has or will accumulate after making fixed expense payments and subtract your savings. According to experts in the industry, you should include all fixed taxes, targeted savings, and bills, such as rent, insurance, and other necessary expenditures that help with the running of your business. Discretionary expenditures will include such items as entertainment, advertising, travel, and any other miscellaneous expenses. These last items are often ignored, which will lead to an incorrect financial statement.
  • Net Income. Renovations are very specific when it comes to the condition of the building and any items that will require renovating as well as the theme or design of your commercial organization. By subtracting the expenses from your gross income, you will get your revenue totals, and you can use this information to determine the extent of renovations to your commercial business that will be possible.

Determining a realistic budget for your commercial renovation will help you to stay focused on your objectives and will ensure that the budget uses current data and projections.

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