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Dealing with Water Damage Repairs in Your Restaurant

Every day is different in the restaurant world. With the daily food and drink deliveries, menu planning, guest reservations, office work, and advertising that need to be executed, it’s a world that keeps everyone on their toes, even when things are going just right. As the owner, you have a schedule in place to keep track of everyone and everything, right down to the expiration on the food in the freezer, and that’s just all part of the job.

You know you have to be prepared for those times when something unexpected happens as well, such as a kitchen fire or missed deliveries, or when one of your staff gets hurt on the job. As a successful restaurant owner, you are someone who understands the importance of being proactive. Having a plan in place for any eventuality is always a good idea, and that is especially important in a business like yours.

One issue that can occur all too frequently in the restaurant business is water damage. Your kitchen is an area where this can happen very easily, so being ready for it will help you get back to business right away. Here are some tips on dealing with water damage repairs:

  • Post directions. Let your staff know what to do, giving them specific instructions for how to handle water damage if it occurs. Put your directions in a well-travelled area of the building so that everyone knows where to go for information.
  • Inspections. Official inspections are a regular part of the restaurant business, but you can conduct your own, too. This will help you find water damages when they are barely beginning, which will save you time and money. Designate someone on your staff that is thorough and trustworthy to go through the areas of your venue to look for possible trouble spots.
  • Professionals. Find a professional to work with in the event that your water damages become too big for you. Research companies in your area and find one that has a great reputation for being timely, professional, and experienced.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are committed to area businesses. Let us help you get back to business as quickly as possible after water damage. Call us today!