The Dangers of Grilling & The Safe Way to Grill

Summer is here, which means that outdoor activities are in full swing! One of those outdoor activities is grilling. While backyard barbecues are a ton of fun, there are many common grilling mistakes people make that can pose some serious safety concerns.

But don’t worry! At Ascension General Contractors, we’re here to help with some safety tips you should keep top of mind this summer regarding the dangers of grilling.

What Are Some Dangers?

Forget about the burnt food; when misused, grills can cause serious safety hazards and, in worst-case scenarios, trips to the emergency room. There are quite a few top hazards to keep in mind when grilling. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made by people when grilling.

  • Placing the grill too close to fire hazards
  • Using a grill indoors
  • Placing the grill on an uneven surface
  • Leaving the grill unattended

What Are Some Safety Tips for Grilling?

Grills can be perfectly safe when used properly, which is excellent news for those who don’t want to sacrifice this fun activity and hosting outdoor events. Be sure to take the proper precautions when you are grilling to ensure that all of your summer activity plans go smoothly and safely without any complications. 

  • Check the Location of Your Grill

Grills should be placed outside and on a smooth surface to avoid tipping over or catching anything on fire. 

  • Always Clean Your Grill After Use

Ensure to properly clean your grill after each use to avoid grease build-up on the grill plates and in the grease tray, which can act as fuel and catch fire while the grill is in use.

  • Never Leave A Grill Unattended

As easy as it is to leave to grab something you may have forgotten when grilling, leaving a grill unattended is just asking for trouble. Always ask someone to watch it for you if you need to step away.

  • Keep a Spray Bottle Nearby

Having a spray bottle nearby will let you quickly extinguish smaller flames before they spread when they flare up, helping you keep the fire under control.

We hope these grilling safety tips help you stay safe all summer long! If your home is damaged by fire, don’t forget we are only a phone call away and able to help you restore your home after a disaster. Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are full-service general contractors and repair specialists serving the Nashville community. 

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