custom home being built, in beginning stages


Following a certain course of action when working on a renovation of your home will help you to avoid unnecessary work. Assess what you are going to renovate, and then set your priorities. Decide where to start and make sure that you have the time and money to get the work done before you ever begin.

The renovation schedule for your home should include:

A BUDGET. Establish the final number you can comfortably spend on the renovation. It may be a good idea to do some research to see how much projects cost on average. Consider budgeting an extra 10 to 20 percent for unexpected costs that may arise.

A CONTRACTOR. Research and select your contractor and make sure you are comfortable with him or her. Your contracts should adequately define the scope of work and the process itself to avoid future issues or disagreements.

PERMITS. Usually required in most cities, permits are critical for you to obtain. This will help you to avoid having to redo work that is not done according to code. Your contractor should be knowledgeable about your city’s latest regulations; the inspection rules change quite often.

MATERIALS. Once your permits are in place, you can begin ordering the materials you will need, such as lumber, drywall, new doors, and windows, etc.

DEMOLITION. Demolition can be completed as you have received your materials, and any framing necessary will be done at this time. This is the time for the work that happens behind the walls – plumbing, electrical, HVAC rough-ins, subfloors, and insulation. Next will come the patching, drywall hanging, and taping and sanding of surfaces.

PAINT AND FLOORING. Whether your contractor prefers completing the flooring work or doing all the painting, now is the time for these steps.

CABINETS. Once the walls and floors are done, cabinets can be installed.

FINISHING TOUCHES. At this point in your renovation schedule, it is time to add all the last little decorations and details. Light fixtures, hardware, detail painting, and backsplashes are scheduled now, for example.

When planning for your home renovation, the Ascension General Contractors team is here to help you to create a schedule for your project.