two cranes and new building being constructed

Creating A Renovation Schedule For Your Office

When it’s time to start thinking about renovations for your office spaces, there is a lot to consider. You’ll need to create a schedule that takes all the factors of your business into account before you begin. Here are some planning points to consider as you begin to create a renovation schedule for your business: 

  • Your industry. You must, of course, think first about the nature of your business and how you think the year ahead will unfold. Take into account both your busy seasons and the slower ones so that renovations will be underway at a time when it will be least disruptive. 
  • Your workforce. Most businesses encourage their employees to request extended time off pretty far in advance for planning purposes, so if this is a practice at yours, it will be a big help as you create your renovation schedule. 
  • Time to begin. Once you have chosen the season you want your project to begin, you will want to plan for the ordering of supplies and materials, and you will need to schedule a planning session with the contractor you will be using. 
  • Your clients. You will want to alert your clients as far in advance as possible, especially if there will be any small inconveniences that may accompany the project you are undertaking. Signage with dates, directions, detours, and other important information should be placed in spots that will be easily seen and noted. 
  • Safety factors. Think about safety factors, as well—if detours have to happen, make sure that you place their creation on your schedule so that they can be done carefully and thoroughly. For example, if you know that a different walkway will see a lot more traffic than normal, make sure that your schedule reflects an inspection of this area, with allowance for time to make upgrades and repairs. 


When you are considering renovations to your office space, it will be helpful to talk to professionals who are experienced in creating a renovation schedule. Here at Ascension General Contractors, we have the expertise needed to assist you with all your renovation needs. Call us today!