Our team is taking the following measures to ensure safety among our clients and our team:

  • Our employees have been asked to maintain social distancing at all times within the team, as well as in any face to face communication with our clients.
  • We are requiring that our employees wear personal protective equipment at all times while on the property including gloves, mask, and shoe covers.
  • Our employees have been directed to wipe down all areas where they have been working with approved disinfectant wipes as well as all touch points in the areas in which they have been in direct contact with.
  • Our employees are asked to access the project from the door that has the least amount of access to other rooms. We will use a side or back door in order to maintain social distancing if possible.
  • Our employees are not allowed to access any areas of the home that we are not approved to work in.
  • Lastly we have required our employees to wipe down all tools used with disinfectant wipes at the end of each day in order to control and reduce any possible cross contamination from house to house.