a dishwasher with white wire trays and a single red cylindrical cup

Common Kitchen Repairs

Your kitchen is unique in your home. It is the hub of the family and the center of your entertainment, whether it’s a big dinner party or an intimate romantic meal. It gets a lot of use every day, and often needs some TLC. 

Here are some common kitchen repairs: 


Damage to kitchen cabinetry is all too common, and when your cabinets aren’t in good condition they will negatively affect the aesthetics of your kitchen. Fortunately, some of the more common damages are broken hinges, drawer pulls, and latches, and you can repair/replace these yourself. Missing bumpers – those little rubber/cloth stoppers that protect your cabinet door as it closes – is another common issue. These, too, are easily replaced and not very costly. Defective drawer slides are a hassle, but you can remove the drawer and replace the slide with little trouble. 


No one likes a noisy or leaky dishwasher, and it is definitely something you can’t ignore for long. You may be able to repair a leak by replacing the gasket for the door. Check the seals for all the hoses behind the dishwasher, as well, to see if they need replacing. The drain could be clogged, too. 

Garbage Disposal

This kitchen tool is another common cause of issues, and if the problems are severe you may just want to replace it entirely. Try it out first, though, by making sure it’s plugged in and hitting the reset button. You can also try flipping the breaker to your kitchen. For leaks, you will want to verify that all the bolts, seals, and pipes are secure, and if it’s not draining properly, you are probably looking at a clogged pipe. 


This is a complicated machine, but you can still take some initial steps to see if you can fix the problem yourself. If the fridge isn’t cooling, first check your temperature control to make sure it is set properly, and clean the air vents of obstructions. You will also want to take a look at the condenser fan; these are actually easy to replace. 


These are a few of the more common kitchen repairs you may face as a homeowner. When it comes to home repairs and renovations, the team here at Ascension General Contractors is always ready to help.