Common Hotel Remodeling Projects

Common Hotel Remodeling Projects

Your guests expect a hotel experience to remember. The reputation of your hotel depends on providing that kind of experience and doing it better than anyone else in town. The competition in the Nashville hospitality scene is fierce, so in order to stay on top of the heap, you will want to make sure your hotel image and vibe are fresh and on-trend. Here are some common hotel remodeling projects that can do just that.


Communal Space

This is a space where your guests can go to relax, socialize, and get away from it all. If you provide a space that is welcoming and one where they can sample creative and scrumptious food and drink offerings that are unique to your location, they won’t rush out the door to the neighborhood bar, taking their money with them. This “third space” will turn your lobby or waiting area into a spot where they can work, people watch, or just kick back. If your clientele is sports-oriented, televisions in this area for the big games would be a good choice, as an example.  


Work Space

Many people now work away from an office, so providing a space for this, complete with super-fast wifi, printers, complimentary office supplies, and comfortable seating will be a huge plus for your hotel. 


Cafe/Coffee Bar

Another common addition to hotels is to add a cafe/coffee bar. This can be a simple undertaking, or it can be elaborate. You will capture a percentage of the revenue that people spend on food and drink while they are in town, so having some “grab and go” offerings here would be a big benefit. Guests are often in a hurry, so this will be attractive for the busy tourist; you could even offer picnic lunches from your cafe for the concert-goers. 



Utility upgrades will save you money if you go energy-efficient and will improve your comfort factor, too. Get rid of your incandescent bulbs and use LED instead; these conserve energy and add atmosphere to your spaces. You might consider updating your HVAC, too, so that your heating and cooling is even throughout your building. More modern systems are able to maintain temperatures more effectively, so guests can keep their rooms as warm or cool as they like without costing you an arm and a leg. 



Everyone loves a luxurious bathroom, especially when they are on vacation, so when you are choosing common hotel remodeling projects, put this one at the top of your list. Replace all tile and countertops, and maybe add romantic old-fashioned tubs and atmospheric lighting, or hot tubs with jets for some extravagance. Make sure every fixture is in top condition, and perhaps install smart fixtures or a classy uptown experience. 


No matter what you choose for your hotel remodel, the Ascension General Contractors is here to help you get the job done. We are a full-service remodel and renovation company, and we’re proud to serve the Nashville community.