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Common Commercial Storefront Repairs

The condition of your commercial storefront is the first thing your customers and potential clients see when they come to do business with you. If you have a storefront that is in a state of disrepair, you aren’t going to make a very good impression. Most commercial storefronts are built with a very high percentage of glass, and when that glass is clean and in good condition it looks fantastic. And when it isn’t, well – it doesn’t. We wanted to share some common commercial storefront repair projects with you:

First, get your windows cleaned regularly and replace every pane that isn’t in top condition. Next, do some shopping for storefront doors. There is a myriad of decorative storefront doors you can choose from that will express the unique style and offerings of your business. There are bulletproof and fire-resistant glass options that will keep your business safe 24/7, and if your area is affected by heavy weather conditions fairly often, there are hurricane-impact safety glass options you can consider. Your storefront glass can be customized to include imprints that give the name of your company, the logo and address, and hours of operation.

Your building may have an older roof and rain gutters, and along with that comes the unsightly stains and possible mildewy spots that can spring up when water is misdirected onto walls and sidewalks. This situation is not uncommon, and fortunately, it is easily fixed by replacing the rain gutters, downspouts, and roofing. 

If your storefront shows signs of accumulating mildew, you will want to get that remediated right away. This unsightly and unhealthy mess isn’t good for you or your customers, and a professional mold remediation company can help set things right in no time. 

The front of your building may also include planters with live plants, and these should be properly cared for at all times. Otherwise, why even have them? Your planters may be sagging or scuffed up and in need of a facelift, and this is another area where you can really make a difference in your company image. Have these planters repaired and freshened up, and fill them with beautiful plants and flowers for your customers to enjoy. 

These are just a few of the common commercial storefront repair projects you may face as a business owner. As full-service repair specialists, Ascension General Contractors has the experience and skill necessary to complete all your commercial business repairs in a timely and excellent manner.