Commercial Kitchen Upgrades

Commercial Kitchen Upgrades Worth Your Time

A poorly designed and outdated kitchen can be a definite damper on the success of your business. To function effectively and to max efficiency, a commercial kitchen must be designed well and kept up-to-date with new models of equipment. But as a busy business owner, you may be unsure what commercial kitchen upgrades are worth your time? After all, wasting time on upgrades that don’t enhance your business operations is taking time and energy away from your business itself. 

Well, here at Ascension General Contractors, we’ve worked with business owners for the past 10 years to help them find the upgrades that will enhance their business operations, increasing their revenue in the long run.

Commercial Kitchen Upgrades You Should Consider Making


Is your commercial kitchen the right size for the number of employees you have and the amount of business you do? A well-designed commercial kitchen can improve your overall operations as well as leave room for growth. It should also be open and the layout should accommodate accident-free traffic among multiple employees. 

Energy Efficient Appliances 

Looking for places to save money? Take a look at your appliances. Using modern and energy-efficient appliances can help you save money on your utility costs. It can also make it easier for your employees to perform their jobs with fewer mishaps when given the proper equipment. Energy-efficient appliances also help the environment, which can improve the appearance of your brand as a lot of consumers are more likely to support a business that cares about the environment than one that doesn’t. 


It should be known that a commercial kitchen’s flooring is an essential part of ensuring safety within the workplace. Consider improving your flooring to keep up with the high traffic and current health and safety standards. Proper commercial floors are non-slip and easy to clean, which can help you save time and money on the maintenance costs for your commercial kitchen. 

Updated Cabinetry 

This commercial kitchen upgrade can help to allow your employees to work smarter. Installing modern cabinetry can give a better layout to your kitchen. You are likely to see improvements in the speed of service when your employees now have more convenience when completing their tasks. 

If you are ready to upgrade your commercial kitchen, give us a call or contact us here! At Ascension General Contractors, we have all the skills needed to complete your commercial kitchen upgrades and in a timely manner to minimize any downtime for your business. We are a full-service construction and renovation company, and we’re proud to serve the Nashville community.

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