hotel addition concepts

Commercial Hotel Addition Concepts

The travel and commercial hotel industry has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and that will surely continue in the coming months after this crisis. New properties have been built and existing ones have been upgraded with the latest amenities or expansions. This also is causing rising construction costs, with materials costing at least 2 percent more than the previous year. If you are considering additions for your commercial hotel property to help keep you competitive, those associated costs are going to be vitally important. 

We know that most hoteliers aren’t construction experts, so we’ve assembled a list of hotel addition concepts that we think will be helpful.  


Choose your general contractor or project manager wisely, and build a strong relationship with these very influential folks right from the beginning. Even if you don’t have a project on the horizon right now, invest in that relationship. Your general contractor or project manager is key to the success of your project. A general contractor or third party project management firm should be an advocate for you and can also help find ways to complete your project in as timely and efficient a manner as possible, lowering your costs. 


Many independent and chain hotels have found themselves reinventing their design standards in recent years. It’s time for a fresh look and the trendiest amenities. Your brand needs to create an exciting atmosphere for your guests. Additions to your commercial hotel property should make use of the latest ideas: adding a “quiet” pool for adults, expanding your workout facilities, creating a spa space, or establishing a doggy grooming and daycare spot are all additions that your guests will love. Nashville is home to some of the country’s best breweries and distilleries; why not add a beer-and-bourbon tasting cellar to your commercial hotel? Partnering with a well-known Nashville company will bring the added cache of their name as well as offering something new and exciting to your establishment. 


While you are thinking of your hotel addition concepts, make sure to keep the health of the environment in mind. Nashvillians are very conscious of energy-efficiency and of caring for the natural beauty of the area, and your guests will truly appreciate your environmentally conscious approach. Make sure to give a shout-out to the manufacturers of the natural products that you use in all your ads, posts, and literature, too. 

When it is time to make additions to your commercial hotel, your friends here at Ascension General Contractors are ready to help. We are proud to provide the Nashville community with high quality, professional renovation and construction services.