Budget-Friendly Renovation Ideas

Budget-Friendly Renovation Ideas

Your home or business may be in need of a renovation, and it’s a desirable investment or resale decision, but also time-consuming and costly. Today, here at Ascension General Contractors, we are going to share some budget-friendly renovation ideas:


Upgrade Your Entranceway

Giving your entrance a fresh coat of paint, some repair on the trim, and some new hardware is an easy way to give your building a whole new look without breaking the bank. Choose a bold accent color that complements the rest of your exterior to spotlight your entrance, elevating your welcome factor to visitors and clientele.


A power-washing and fresh paint may be all that is required to improve the look of your premises and is another set of cost-effective choices, too. Taking care of all the minor bumps and scrapes that happen over time, replacing broken trim, windows, and other design elements are inexpensive renovation projects. 


If you live in a hot, dry area, you may want to think about a re-do on your landscaping; moving over to indigenous plants and drought-tolerant trees and bushes can save you a bundle while helping to maintain a great look on your property. 


You can re-use materials that were once part of an old building in your area to give your space a heritage vibe and save the environment, too. Old doors, cabinets, and wooden floors can be re-purposed for an enviable effect. 


Choosing to add storage space to your home or business can be a cost-effective way to renovate, and by removing clutter and extra things that take up space you can positively impact your premises in this simple way. New shelving or adding an entire closet; the choice is up to you. Do you have stairs? Make use of that wasted space by adding a closet here, or put shelving there, too. 


Install new lighting to add a brighter atmosphere, or put in a skylight. Light is healthy and adds positivity to any space. 

Ascension General Contractors is here to help you with all your budget-friendly renovation ideas, and we are a full-service repair company, too. We’re proud to serve the Nashville community with all their construction, renovation, and repair needs.