bathroom renovation with white tub and vanity and orange walls

Bathroom Renovations To Consider

After a hard day’s work, there is absolutely nothing better than heading to the bath and settling into a leisurely time of relaxing. There are some really great new bathroom trends that can elevate your bathroom to a whole new level of comfort your tired body will really appreciate!

Here are some bathroom renovations to consider:

Au Naturel

If your home is blessed with lovely natural elements, keep them exposed. Brick and stone add a whole new dimension of connection to the earth, and you can bring in color and polish with a selection of sophisticated soaps and other spa products. You can even create an outdoor shower area if your location permits – complete with plants and garden-style architectural touches, this kind of setup takes your bathing experience to a whole new level. 


You can introduce a lot of new space by adding an etagere instead of installing cabinets. This kind of addition will maintain an airy feeling and you won’t have that dark, boxed-in feeling common in bathrooms full of cabinetry. An etagere will allow you to display personal items as well as bath accessories for a unique touch. 


If you have no storage at all, floor-to-ceiling cubbies will provide all the storage you need and alleviate clutter, too. Natural woods or light paint will keep them from being overbearing in a tight space. 


Focus on design and color to bring a fresh appeal to your bathroom. Artful and modern lighting, unusual sinks and tubs, and dramatic wall coverings or paint will transform your plain old bath into something wonderful and undeniably chic. Take advantage of any architectural quirks you may have inherited in an older home – this is what makes your bathroom special. 


Make your tub the focus of your bathroom. There are some truly gorgeous tub concepts on the market today – from copper to pedestal to old-fashioned soaking styles – have fun! 

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