Flooded modern home facing water damage


The best way to avoid water damage in your basement is to be aware. Take time to look around, especially after rainy weather, and look for the signs that there might be a problem. Damage to the basement and foundation areas of a home is extremely important to repair, as soon as possible, in order to avoid larger structural and property damage issues in the future, which can end up costing much more in the long run.

Here are some things to look for:

Changes in the color or texture of surfaces. In a finished basement, wallpaper or paint might be peeling away or appear discolored. Check for bowing in the walls, which can be a result of long-term seepage. When the basement is unfinished, you will want to look for a white, salty substance known as “efflorescence”, which appears on foundational walls and will tell you how high water has risen in the basement. If the basement flooring is swollen or removed from the subfloor, that is another indicator.

Cracking can occur in the foundation and/or the floor, and it is often due to water damage. Look for cracks in window seals and door panes, as well.

Odors are an indicator that there is an excess water problem. Oftentimes it’s mold or mildew that causes those smells, which means you have water damage on your hands.

Once you have found that you have water damage, it’s probably time to call a professional general contractor. These people are experienced and trained to repair and renovate spaces that have extensive damage from excess water, due to leaky pipes, flooding, etc.

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