apartment complex renovations

Apartment Complex Renovations

As the smart owner of an apartment complex, you are already aware that you want to complete your projects before your property becomes run-down or seriously dated. Wise renovations can save you time, money, and the headaches that come from trying to handle situations that will arise when living spaces begin to deteriorate. Your apartment complex renovations can also include upgrades and additions to your property that will increase its value and its popularity (which is always a good thing).


We all have the environment on our minds these days, and while making energy-efficient and earth-friendly choices during your renovation planning, let your tenants know that when the discomfort that comes with renovations is over, they will benefit by experiencing lower energy costs. They will appreciate that! Installing solar panels, adding top-grade windows and doors, and using environmentally-responsible products such as siding, paint, and trim are all great ways to enhance your residents’ living experience. 

New Color Scheme

If it’s time for paint, consider a fresh and updated palette. Color isn’t a bad idea; moving away from all that dull gray and beige of the last decade might be a refreshing touch for your apartment units. You may even want to canvass your tenants and get their opinions on color choices, which may help to keep everyone happy. 

Bright Lighting

Make sure all areas are well-lit for safety. Your tenants will appreciate being able to move about the property without fear. Using energy-efficient fixtures will add to the savings that both you and your residents can enjoy by taking this renovation step.

Invest in Security

Security cameras installed in strategic spots around your grounds will go a long way towards keeping everyone’s property safe and damage-free. Doorbell cameras can also allow your tenants to see who might be at the door, lowering the chances of a home invasion. Older residents and single tenants may be very appreciative of this addition to your apartment complex. Keep doors and windows in good repair, and replace broken locks right away for added security. Your apartment complex will thrive as a safe place to live if you consistently invest in your tenants’ safety.

We know you want your apartment complex to be the best it can be. The team here at Ascension General Contractors is always ready to help with any apartment complex renovations, and as a full service contracting company, we specialize in repair following damage to your property from weather, fire, or accidents, too.