adding in-law quarters

Adding In-Law Quarters to Your Home

Any kind of addition is great for increasing the space and use of your home. Adding in-law quarters specifically by building a backyard unit or adding onto the main part of your home can be very beneficial. This addition is becoming more and more popular as it can lead to savings, flexibility, and value for families.

At Ascension General Contractors, we’ve been building additions for years and that’s why we have a few things we wanted to share about adding in-law quarters to your home.

Things You Should Know About Adding In-Law Quarters to Your Home

Know the Local Building Codes

When you are making some big changes to your home, such as building an addition, you will need to be aware of the local building codes and permits required for the project. There are some additional permits required as well for each specialty trade that you will need to acquire. This could be things such as HVAC, electrical, or plumbing. So it’s important to brush up on the permits and building codes to ensure your project meets the requirements. 

Consider Current & Future Needs

Adding in-law quarters to your home opens the door for a lot of different things you can include in the design for it to meet your needs both now and in the future. Some things to consider include wheelchair accessibility, grab bars for the bath, shower seats, adjustable sinks, etc., which will help make sure that the new addition is convenient and accessible. 

Choose the Location Carefully

For any home addition, location is everything. You will want your in-laws to have independence, privacy, and safety all at the same time. Depending on your specific needs, be sure to think carefully about where the best location for an in-law suite would be and how you can maximize its use and efficiency. Most in-law suites will include a bedroom, full bathroom, and full kitchen, so make sure wherever you choose gives you plenty of space to build. 

Work with an Experienced Contractor

Once you have a good foundation of the in-law suite you are looking to build, it’s time to contact a contractor to help you accomplish your goals. Be sure to ask family and friends for recommendations and choose a contractor that has experience with additions specifically. Don’t be afraid to ask for their portfolio of similar work to help give you an idea of the quality you can expect. 

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we are full-service repair specialists and are proud to serve the Nashville community as general contractors. We would love to talk with you about adding in-law quarters to your home! 

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