adding a master suite to your home

Adding a Master Suite to Your Home

A popular upgrade to homes in recent days has to be adding a master suite to your home. Many homeowners choose this upgrade to increase the convenience and comfort of their homes. And this specific addition provides great ROI, both in the enjoyment and value of your home. 

With so many ideas out there for features to include when adding a master suite to your home, here at Ascension General Contractors, we thought we would share some of our top favorites to consider in your design and planning process. 


Closet Space

Adding a master suite definitely increases the available space in your home, and that includes closet space. Building a large walk-in closet with a custom closet organizer is just the thing every master suite addition needs. There are plenty of ways to have fun with your new closet design, including adding a bench with storage or installing some fancy under the cabinet lights. 

Master Bath

Both practical and with luxury features, a properly designed master bath is essential to any master suite addition. Deep free-standing tubs are quite popular and highly requested right now. Depending on the location and privacy of your home, pairing a free-standing with a large window is a great way to increase natural lighting and create the perfect relaxing spa-like environment. 

Outdoor Space

A master suite is a perfect opportunity to create a secluded patio area to enjoy the outdoors, or if your master suite addition is on the second floor, a private balcony. Add some french doors and outdoor furniture to complete the outdoor element, all while taking advantage of creating more natural lighting in your master suite. 

Kitchenette or Breakfast Area

Master suites are about providing comfort and convenience, and when adding one to our home, a kitchenette or breakfast area is an in-demand amenity to make access to snacks and drinks easier for breakfast in bed or late-night snacks. This feature is easy to customize, takes up very little space, and is easy to clean, making it something great to consider for your master suite. 


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