building an addition to your home

4 Reasons For Building an Addition To Your Home

Building an addition to your home may seem like a big project to undertake, especially if you aren’t really sure if an addition is the right choice for you. Not only can it increase the value of your home, but adding on can make a lot of sense for several other reasons as well.

Here at Ascension General Contractors, we’ve gathered some of those reasons to help you decide if building an addition to your home is right for you. 


Extra Living Space

A lot of times the decision to move is based on a lack of space in the current home. But if adding more space to your home is your goal, building an addition has the benefit of added space without the trouble of settling into a new house or moving to a different neighborhood. It’s definitely a good option to consider if you’ve been dreading the time and stress that comes with the entire process of buying a home. 

Customized Design 

When purchasing a home, one of the biggest downsides has to be the limitations on customizing the actual layout of the home. After buying a home, there might be very little left in your budget for customizations. An addition is a great way to achieve a customized space and stay within your budget. And the additions are extremely versatile, so you can personalize it based on your specific needs. 

More Affordable than Moving 

There are a lot of fees when buying a home, not to mention the expenses of selling a home. Repairs, real estate agent commission, moving company fees, and more can all add up quickly. But if you’re building a new addition to your home, it is highly unlikely that it will cost you more than a new home. And if your reason for moving is needing extra space or wanting that dream kitchen you’ve been hoping for, building an addition can accomplish that goal without the hassle and expenses of moving. 

Extra Income

If you choose to build a full bedroom, bathroom, and possibly even a kitchenette, you can rent out this newly added space as an apartment, and in doing so, you create an additional source of income. When crafting up your design, you can also create a separate entrance for any tenants you have in the future, making it more convenient for both you and your renters. 


If you’re giving some serious thought to building an addition, talk to us here at Ascension General Contractors about getting started. We’re proud to serve the people of Nashville as general contractors, and we’re also a full-service repair company. Let’s get started on your construction or renovation projects!